THE completion of a multi-million pound upgrade to Junction 16 of the M4 has received mixed reactions from Swindon drivers.

After 17 months of work the roundabout at the junction has undergone a major transformation, but some drivers are still finding it difficult to get to grips with the new lane layout.

Changes to the junction include a dedicated right turn from Royal Wootton Bassett towards Wroughton, extra lanes on approach roads, wider motorway slip roads, improved drainage and new traffic signals.

However, some Adver readers expressed irritation with the new layout on our Facebook page.

Sally Ivette said: “The layout and traffic lights have caused more delays than the previous layout! Not good when it’s added another 10 minutes on to my already tight schedule!”

Graeme Winspear agreed: “It’s a shambles. I will avoid it like the plague. Went over it yesterday from the Wroughton way and cars were cutting each other up. Looks like the lane markings are all over the place.”

But other road users preferred the new system. Jamie Turner said: “Find it easy to navigate myself. People just don’t like change.”

Kirk Francis said: “It’s quite easy if people read all the signs and get in the correct lane early instead of cutting other vehicles up. That’s what causes the issues.”

One driver took to the Wootton Bassett Facebook page to ask for advice about how to navigate the roundabout.

Luigi Smeegie tried to clarify the new system: “It’s fairly simple. If you stay in your lane it all works out in the end. The only time it’s a little bit complicated is when you come off the M4 westbound and turn right to Swindon because one lane disappears as it filters right.”

Wootton Bassett Councillor Robert Anstee said: “It looks very nice. We went through 17 months of hell but from what I can see the traffic is moving a lot better now. There are a lot of people wanting to go to Bristol who are blocking the route to Wootton Bassett though.

“The traffic signals were only letting four cars through at a time but it’s looking better. As people educate themselves about the roundabout things will improve.”

Fellow councillor David Bowler agreed. He said: “I haven’t heard any negative comments – it seems tremendously improved. At the times I’ve used it traffic has flown through.

“Clearly Wootton Bassett has grown so there’s more traffic than there was five or six years ago, but now all the roads are back open. The final bit of works caused problems on New Road in Bassett so it was difficult, but the improvements are vast.”

Workers ploughed 200,000 hours into the junction project, using 15,000 tonnes of tarmac and 100,000 tonnes of clay to finish the process, according to Swindon Borough Council.