GRAVESTONES at the back of Whitworth Road cemetery looked like they had been abandoned because the grass was not cut for six months, a disgusted relative has claimed.

Phillip Haakerson of Moredon, who has a disability, found it difficult visit his family’s graves because of the long grass.

He told the Advertiser: “The cemetery looks like it’s been abandoned. It’s like they’ve forgotten about it. It’s disgusting down there. I’ve been trying to pay respects to my father, brother, grandparents and cousin, but you can hardly see the gravestones.

“I have a problem walking through the grass because of my disability, but you’d never push a wheelchair through it.”

He claimed his complaints about the overgrown grounds were repeatedly ignored by town and parish councils.

The grass was cut yesterday after the Advertiser contacted Swindon Borough Council.

A spokesman said: “The wet winter and subsequent snow left the ground at Whitworth Road quite saturated and this meant we were unable to start our grass cutting as early as we would have liked. Unfortunately, as we are now well into the growing season we have been playing catch-up, but the first cut of the entire cemetery will be completed by the end of this week.”