WHILE you were asleep police officers were dealing with a burglary, missing teens and a family just trying to bury their cat.

Wiltshire Police spent the night tweeting updates from their 999 and 101 call centre in Devizes.

The social media campaign, which saw calls shared using the hashtag #whoyougonnacall, came as the force tries to shed light on the demands facing police officers.

Over the eight hour tweetathon, staff in Wiltshire Police’s contact centre took calls about car accidents, faulty traffic lights and fights.

As you might expect, a fair number of the calls came from Swindon. They ranged from the violent to the bizarre…

Cat funeral rudely interrupted

We’re as curious as you about this one.

Abusive hotel guest

Staff called police over an abusive hotel guest. They were told to call back if things got more heated

Terrified burglary victim

An elderly woman was left terrified after a burglar sneaked into her home. South Swindon Police tweeted of the crime: “Utterly despicable.”

Moped muppets

One West Swindon caller dialled 101 after seeing dangerous moped riding. Youths riding mopeds up alleyways and across park paths is a common complaint across Swindon, particularly in the Parks, Walcot and Pinehurst.

Traffic signals given the red light

Faulty traffic lights along Lady Lane, Blunsdon, were reported to police. The council’s emergency line - 01793 466453 - would have been a better bet.

Missing teens

The police seem to spend a lot of their time dealing with missing teenagers…

Didn’t read the notice…

A call handler was stuck on the phone to the council trying to help a driver who came back to the car park to find his car locked in.

Fighting with weapons

Police sped on blue lights to reports of a fight in North Swindon. Officers feared weapons were involved…

And another fight report…

Sticky weed fight

This needs no explanation…

But at least it wasn't this kind of weed...