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Excellent care

There has been a lot of negative press in your paper recently about the Great Western Hospital. However, I would like to give you the positive experience I received a couple of weeks ago.

I recently collapsed in Asda, and I spent nearly a week in the hospital. While I was there, I spent time in A&E, ‘Resus’, Linnet and the Cardiology Ward. I have to admit, A&E was absolutely hectic; they were very busy, and people were in the corridors, on chairs and some of the cubicles were split into two. However, despite this, the care I received in each department/ward, was second to none.

I would like to extend my thanks to everyone for their hard work and dedication to their jobs. I would also like to say thank you to Asda’s staff, who looked after me with such care until the ambulance crew arrived, not forgetting the paramedics of course. All of these people I encountered were an absolute credit to the hospital, ambulance crew and Asda.

Maria Chivers, Haydon Wick, Swindon

Rail good value

We took a trip to Brussels last week by Eurostar which was such a marvellous experience.

During the week we decided to have a day out in Bruges which is about an 80 mile trip, taking 50 minutes. The train was clean and fresh, busy but in no way overcrowded, and bang on time in each direction.

It was an enjoyable trip, particularly when we purchased the tickets, when we were asked if we were over 65 years old (No need for a £30 seniors railcard) and when we answered yes, we were issued with two return tickets for the princely sum of 13 Euros, 6.5 Euros each.

Beat that GWR. How much is it to London?

Jim Mackay, Swindon

Unlucky for some

President Trump is expected to visit the UK on Friday 13th July. This could turn out to be a very unlucky day for him.

Any President of the United States is normally welcomed as our greatest ally and friend. But this particular President has shown himself to be bereft of any warmth or compassion. He is embroiled in scandal and controversy every which way he turns. His latest ‘zero tolerance’ policy to deliberately criminalise asylum seekers and to separate young children from their mothers and fathers is something that is akin to what we might have expected from the Nazi regime in 1940s Germany.

Ask any mother what her worst nightmare would be, I’m sure having her child taken away from her would be number 1 on the list. For the child itself it must be equally traumatising.

When questioned about it, Trump blames the opposition party for the policy; he is outright lying to the American public and to the world. This is 100% HIS policy. I have no doubt the British public will ensure that this coming Friday 13th will be one he will not forget.

Tom Horwat, Upavon Court, Penhill

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