THE police are treating the attempted abduction of a young girl in the Oakhurst area as an isolated incident.

The best way of ensuring that it remains an isolated incident is for everybody to study the description of the man involved and his vehicle, and to call the police or Crimestoppers if even the slightest memory is stirred.

Nobody should worry that their information is not good enough or that the police will regard talking to them as a waste of time.

The police will gladly look at any and all possible leads.

Any adult who invites a child they do not know into their car is to be regarded as sinister, and all parents and children should exercise caution until the man involved in the Oakhurst incident can be identified.

In the meantime, it only remains to praise the level-headedness of the young girl involved, who knows that strangers should never be trusted, no matter how friendly they may seem.