PUPILS from Lethbridge Primary raced round Old Town at its annual fun run to help raise money for the school.

Runners set off from Town Gardens on the 1.5-mile route before crossing the finish line and joining the school fete to raise extra funds, with stalls, a raffle, a children’s bake-off competition, and a magic show.

Parent Jennifer Williams said: “It’s been a fantastic day.

"Loads of smiley faces and good humour and support. It was really lovely hearing parents supporting kids and kids supporting parents. It’s great that they’ve that spirit, and they want to do this kind of support and be active. My eldest one beat me and my youngest one but I’m = proud that we finished.

“The Lethbridge fete is also brilliant. It’s really well organised, my boys have been really excited about it for the last month because they knew it was coming up.”

Headteacher Lisa Mayes said: “I would just like to say and huge thank you from all the staff to the Friends of Lethbridge who work really hard to make this a successful day and raise lots of money for the school.”

“We were last in the race, because we had to keep all the children safe. Marshals in pyjamas we were.

“Fun and fundraising, that’s what it’s all about.”