JUBILANT fans cheered England’s first goal as Southgate’s young team took on Sweden.

Harry Maguire got the ball into the bottom left corner of Sweden’s goal in the 30th minute.

Scores packed a sweltering tent at Highworth’s Wyrde Up Festival to watch the Quarter Final clash.

Ian More, 43, of Highworth, said of the tournament: “It’s been good, better than I thought it would be.”

Friend Fred Mason, 51, of Haydon Wick, said of the competition: “We haven’t beaten them before. They’re our ‘bogie team’, but I think we’re strong enough to beat them.”

More pessimistic, Andy Uzzell, 50, said: “I think England are going to lose on penalties. Sweden are going to be too strong. We haven’t got enough class to break through.” He admitted he had predicted Colombia would win the last match on penalties.

Charlie Lawson, 45, of South Cerney: “Put it this way. I’m nervous. I’ve tasted a bit of defeat. This team is great, though. They’re better than the last lot.”