SWINDON MPs have spoken defiantly after the government was plunged into crisis when three ministers resigned in 24 hours over Brexit.

The government was thrown into disarray yesterday as David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, resigned in the morning, followed by the announcement that Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, was also quitting.

The departures follow a cabinet meeting at Chequers last week in which Theresa May attempted to unite the Brexiteers and supporters of the EU in her party and come to a compromise over the final details of Brexit in March.

In his resignation letter David Davis said the proposals put forward by the prime minister will “make the supposed control by parliament illusory rather than real” and “hands large swatches of our economy to the EU.”

The minister responsible for Brexit, with under 8 months away until the deadline, added that he did not want to be a “reluctant conscript” within her cabinet.

Conservative MPs in Swindon issued robust responses to the

Robert Buckland, conservative MP for South Swindon, said: “Having worked closely with David Davis on the Withdrawal Bill, I am very sorry that he is leaving the Government but disagree with his analysis.

“I strongly support the Chequers proposals, which help to

deliver certainty for Swindon businesses when it comes to common rules on the supply goods that are so important for our motor manufacturers and supply companies, for example.

“If these proposals can be agreed, then a Brexit that works for important parts of our economy will be achieved.”

Justin Tomlinson, conservative MP for North Swindon, added: “Despite fierce opposition from Labour, Liberal, SNP and Green MPs at every single state of the Brexit Bill we remain 100 per cent committee to delivering the democratic will of the British public.

“Friday’s announcement strikes the balance of the parliamentary numbers, allows for appropriate and sensible transitional arrangements whiles taking back control and allowing the UK to embrace the growing global economy.”

Dominic Raab, MP for Esher and Walton, will move from the ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government to replace David Davis as Brexit Secretary. A replacement for Boris Johnson