A MAN caught with cannabis in his car has been fined £130.

Robert Lane, 31 , from Cricklade Road was stopped by police while driving along County Road in Swindon on March 20.

Pauline Lambert, prosecuting, said: "An officer sees him drive past and decides to stop the vehicle and speak to Mr Lane.

"There is a strong smell of cannabis in the car so he conducts a search of the vehicle.

"Two bags and a grinder are found in a drawer underneath the driver's seat.

"The police haven't given an exact quantity but they say it was a small amount."

Representing himself, offered this as a defence: "I didn't even realise it was in the car.

"I do smoke, but I never smoke and drive."

In addition to the fine, he must also pay £85 in costs and £30 to victim services.

Lane had been fined for possessing cannabis previously in March.