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There is evidence

It isn’t my purpose to prolong the correspondence between Janet Woodham (SA, July 2) and Mr Adams. But a phrase in Monday’s letter struck me, “faith is belief without facts”. As this is somewhat misleading I felt I should respond, so perhaps something good will come of these letters.

Firstly, just to mention that faith is not just belief, it also means “trust” in something or someone. And more relevantly, faith always involves evidence. Personally I couldn’t believe in something that there is no evidence for.

An example of the best available evidence is Luke’s gospel, and its sequel the book of Acts. The author was a first-century medical doctor who was very careful to record the facts about Jesus and his followers. He also travelled with the apostle Paul, so must have known many of Jesus’ friends. There is a lot of archaeology confirming the reliability of Luke and Acts.

As a trained scientist and long-term IT expert, I am so impressed by the evidence for what Jesus did and said - both in these documents and via ancient prophecy, and supported by the compassionate and self-giving lives of true Christians over the years - that I would find it difficult not to place my faith in him.

Trevor Hancock, Sunningdale Road, Haydon Wick, Swindon

A calming psalm

Re Janet Woodham’s latest histrionics (Adver. 2/7/18). Oh dear, Janet Woodham is offended each time I reply to her nonsense. And, wait for it... she knows a lot about me! Scary stuff, Janet.

She’s quite the genuine drama queen. Had she been a fish she would have been hooked years ago!

Are you coerced into reading my letters, Mrs Woodham?

May I humbly suggest that you read psalm 28, Janet, just the first verse.

Jeff Adams, Bloomsbury, Swindon

Lack of faith

I won’t name any names but you will know who you are - the religious locals who have clearly wasted their lives praying to a fairy tale. I could pick your stories to pieces forever and ever amen - but just have a few things I’d like you to explain.

1. If we are all descended from Adam and Eve then the only way their children could have had more children was by incest. Wouldn’t that offend god?

2. Why do you say Jesus was nailed to a cross for your sins so you don’t have to be nailed to a cross too? He was born 2000 years before anyone knew you would even exist. And believe me there are some countries where Christians will still be nailed to a cross if captured. And in what way did his suffering stop all the horrendous events since then and events that still occur every single day?

3. How big was Noah’s boat? There are millions and millions of species of animals in the world and we are still discovering more. Where did Noah put the blue whales and elephants? And what provisions did he put in place for plankton that many whales feed on?

4. We can’t get giant pandas to breed using every conceivable modern method yet they’re alive on earth. How did Noah manage 100 % success rate when he only had two in the first place?

5. If Noah only had two animals of every species then the inbreeding question raises it’s head again. Explain that.

6. Who went out and collected two ants, two flies, two centipedes... etc.

I could pull your ridiculous unbelievable story to tiny little bits if I had the room but can’t be bothered. You’ve had your time, religion, we are not brainless sheep anymore.

Roger Lack, North Swindon

It’s a lovely park

I RECENTLY read a letter printed in the Swindon Advertiser about Coate Water and compared it with my own feelings when visiting the same place.

I visited yesterday and chose to sit in the splash park watching the children having a lovely time playing, safely, happily interacting with other children and having fun.

There is no charge to go in and I was thinking what a great idea to provide such a place for them.

I remember swimming in the lake, using the diving board - yes it would be good if that could happen again, but it is still a lovely place to walk round, for fishermen. The lake is still used sometimes, for dragon boat racing, and other boating.

Mary Rogers, Swindon

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