YOUNG singer Lilia Slattery finished as a runner up on The Voice Final after performing brilliantly on the TV show.

The 11-year-old from Tadpole Garden Village was the first performance of the night on the ITV programme in front of judges, Pixie Lott and Danny from the band Mcfly.

She covered Something’s Got A Hold On Me by Etta James, a classic to which the young singer gave her own tweak.

Lilia’s growth in the competition has been a real journey as everyone has got to witness her turn into a star in her own right – when she first auditioned it was all about her voice; then as she progressed to the final we got to see dance routines and backing vocals.

She said: “This has been the best experience ever and I have loved every minute of it.

“I am so thankful for this opportunity and I feel I have grown as a singer thanks to my mentor Pixie and the show.

“The judges have given me wonderful feedback after my performances and it means so much to me.

“To have a taste of what I can achieve, if I really put my mind to it and work hard I can achieve a lot.

“I want to do this as a career and this has made me even more determined to succeed.”

The schoolgirl has spent months getting to know the other contestants as the process has several stages before it goes to live television – this was one of the things she loved about her experience.

“Everybody was so friendly, we spent months of being around each other and we all became friends. It didn’t feel like a competition really because we all wanted each other to do well.”

All of the finalists got to spend a week together.

When reflecting on what has been her favourite performance of the competition she admitted it was the one on Saturday as she got to show what she can do as an artist.

However, the Whitney Houston song she covered in the semi-final, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, was her favourite song.

She also picked out costumes as being a highlight for her.

The youngster’s next challenge will be after the summer holidays when she starts secondary school at the Great Western Academy, in Tadpole Village.

Her deputy headteacher to be queued six hours to watch the live performance of the pupil.

Lilia’s parent said she had great support from family and friends but also the town as the backing she received was second to none.

Dad Paddy said: “Me and her mum Beckie are extremely proud of her. Her behaviour and the way she has conducted herself has been brilliant. Lilia will always be humble in victory or adversity and you could see how happy she was for Daniel who won the show.

He added: “This won’t be the last you see of her.”

Paddy said her younger brother Jake and sister Scarlett are her number one fans and have been behind her from the start.