PUPILS at Bradon Forest School in Purton are now looking towards the future after collecting their GCSE results.

Xinmei Wang is looking forward to starting at Cirencester College next month after scooping 12 A*s.

Yesterday's results day was a double celebration for the youngster who also achieved an AS level in Maths.

Xinmei, who lives in Shaw in Swindon, plans to mark her double achievement at her 16th birthday party next week.

She said: "There are lots of reasons to smile today, I am really excited about the future now. I can't wait to start college."

While Xinmei couldn't wait to open her results George Moulton refused to.

The teenager, who was predicted straight Cs was too nervous to open the envelope surrounded by his friends.

He said: "I might open it in a few days, but when I do it will be at home, alone.

"After all the exams and the waiting I don't want to know if I have failed."

Friend Sam English will be starting PE and Biology A Levels at New College after getting an A* four As and two Bs at GCSE.

The student from West Swindon says he is lucky to achieve such good results after leaving his revision to last minute.

He now hopes to become a PE teacher.

The teenager said: "In the end I worked very hard, when I realised that I really needed the grades for college.

"I am really pleased with my grades, some say I should have worked harder but I am happy with what I have."