A TEENAGE tearaway has admitted that a six-month Asbo stopped her getting into more trouble.

And Rebecca Ball's mother has praised her daughter for the transformation she has seen since the order was handed to her in February this year.

Rebecca, 13, was handed the six-month anti-social behaviour order, alongside her tearaway friend Hannah Bell, for terrorising their former primary school.

The pair became the youngest girls in Swindon to be given Asbos, after their campaign of harassment and vandalism at their old school, Mountford Manor Primary in Walcot.

Rebecca was given a shorter order than her friend as she was due to be moving from her Essex Walk address to a new house in Rodbourne which would take her away from the possible negative influence of Bell.

After an initial interim order placed in January, Rebecca was still getting in trouble, Swindon Youth Court heard yesterday, and she was given a full Asbo on February 26 which would be up for review once the school summer holiday was over.

After her daughter's appearance in Swindon Youth Court yesterday, Rebecca's mum Deborah said: "She's worked hard to keep in line with the Asbo.

"She's a different girl altogether now, and I must admit that it has worked. I wasn't really dubious of it working, it was more a case of keeping the two of them apart and if that happened I knew it would work for Rebecca.

"She has 100 per cent turned it around."

And Rebecca herself can see the difference that the punishment, often criticised as being pointless, has made for her.

"I'm pleased to have got through it," the Churchfields School pupil said.

"I'm glad I did it, as I probably would have been carrying on getting in trouble without it."

The duo were part of a group of youngsters who took to causing a nuisance in Mountford Manor Primary School's grounds.

Reported incidents include throwing stones at windows during a parent teacher evening and banging on the windows during an assembly.

During yesterday's court hearing, Francis Maples from Swindon Council also praised Rebecca's progress.

He said: "Sometimes in this court the Asbo regime has been used to put people on test in the hope they pass and turn the corner and that no extension would be required.

"Happily that is the outcome I have got in this matter.

"She is looking happy, and is smartly presented. Her mother is pleased with the progress that has been made. Rebecca has passed her test with flying colours and there is no need to ask for a continuation."

* Rebecca's Asbo conditions prevented her from entering the school premises, or the roads surrounding it, Tudor Walk, Huntley Close and Bothwell Road. She was banned from being in any public place of street in Walcot east or the Parks with Bell, and was given a curfew between 7pm and 8am, unless she was accompanied by an appropriate adult.

She was not allowed to stones, eggs or any other objects in any street or public place in Walcot east or the Parks.

Not to insult or make racial remarks to the public in Walcot east or the Parks.