HONDA will keep producing cars in Swindon - whatever happens with Brexit.

That’s the announcement made by the boss of Honda in Europe, Ian Howells.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live yesterday Mr Howells warned a no-deal Brexit could cost the company ‘tens of millions’ of pounds, but made a commitment to keep the South Stratton plant working.

He said: “The UK forms part of our global network of manufacturing plants, so the only place we produce the vehicle we produce at Swindon is in Swindon itself. The logistics of moving a factory the size of Swindon would be huge and as far as we’re concerned, we’re right behind supporting continued production at Swindon.”

The fears about costs increasing if no free trade deal is reached concern the huge traffic in parts to Swindon

While the plant uses hundreds of thousands of parts a day, it only keeps an hour’s worth of stock, with components being delivered on a ‘just in time’ basis.

“From an administrative point of view, we’d probably be looking at 60,000-odd additional bits of documentation we’d have to provide to get product to and from Europe,”

A spokesman for the Swindon plant added: “Honda remains committed over the long term to its sales and manufacturing activities in the UK and Europe. While leaving the single market and customs union would pose challenges to our highly integrated business, we are working to minimise the impact to our supply chains and to maintain our productivity and competitiveness.

There was a positive reaction to the news in Swindon

The borough council's cabinet member for economic prosperity Coun Oliver Donachie, said: “With high employment and productivity rates, a skilled workforce and huge levels of inward investment, Swindon remains a great place to do business. Through our inward investment programs, the borough will play a significant part in ensuring Swindon and Wiltshire-based companies are well placed to reap the rewards of any economic opportunities in the future.

“I have every confidence that Swindon will remain the best possible home for Honda for many years and we thank them for their commitment to the town.”

Conservative MP for North Swindon, which includes the plant, Justin Tomlinson said: “Honda continues to work closely with the government as it helps shape our future trade arrangements. We very much welcome both its continued investment and long term commitment to Swindon.

“We are committed to securing a deal that works for both the UK and the EU, delivering on the referendum result by getting control of our money, borders and laws, while taking advantage of the growing global economy, just like Honda which switched the Swindon production from the EU to global sales.”

His colleague for South Swindon, Robert Buckland added: “I am very pleased Honda has once again made a commitment to Swindon and note its move into building cars for countries all over the world, including the USA, which forms a large share of the market for Hondas made in Swindon.

“I want to see a final deal this autumn that reflects the reality of the international supply chain.”