A SECOND attempt to break the world record cycling from Land's End to John O’groats was called off half way.

Ultra cyclist Ian To hoped to cycle non-stop for 850 miles from the furthest point in Scotland to the most southerly tip of England in under 43 hours.

Setting off from Swindon on last Sunday morning he and his team decided that after covering over 451 miles in 23 hours and 21 minutes the average speed needed to break the record was unlikely.

Commenting from home after the race Ian, 37, and dad-of three, said “Whilst wondering what could have been will play on my mind for a while. I am grateful for all the fantastic support on the roadside, in passing cars and on social media”.

Ian is now unsure whether he will attempt break the world record in the future.

He added “We now know the decision to go on Sunday was wrong, no-one else can be blamed for this, but I didn’t have the powers of foresight, a huge pool of support crew, nor infinite time or finances required to delay further”

When asked, if he is likely to try again, he said: "It requires a period of reflection with my family and crew. “there are very many lessons we have learn, but right now family is more important.”

Ian's first attempt in May was abandoned after a fall from his bike, high temperatures, and a bout of diarrhoea forced them to call it off.

The cyclist had hoped to shave 25 minutes off the current world record of 43 hours 25 minutes.