THERE have always been theories about the secret underground tunnels of Swindon and how many there actually are, but what if we haven’t found them all?

In a recent find under Villetts House in Cricklade Street, a door of 10-inch-thick steel in the basement was opened to reveal a network of three bricked up tunnels as wide as a double decker bus.

It is believed that this is just a small section of a series of tunnels running under Old Town - a network that could extend as far as the Lawns and even out to Coate Water over a mile away.

Sally Hawson, founder of Swindon Heritage thinks there are more tunnels that haven’t been discovered yet and she is hoping to arrange a ghost and historical tour to show Swindonians the heritage hidden underneath their feet.

She said: “It’s fantastic to have history like this in Swindon.

“Historians have argued about this subject and what they were used for.”

“A ghost walk with the tunnels would really entice people, we need to start engaging with our heritage.”

She thought the network may well have been used as a means for people to get around in secret and smuggle items.

“These tunnels link historic parts to the town, but this time there has been a lot of interest from people wanting to know more.”

Sally has already had plenty of inquiries since posting about the tour idea on social media.

She said so much of the town’s history was being knocked down and bulldozed that they needed to be explored before its too late.

These puzzling passageways can be found beneath and connecting some of Old Town’s – and Swindon’s – oldest buildings. Often 19th or even 18th century structures were built on top of older ones.

Tunnels at three locations - Mackenzies Cafe Bar, Fabios Ristorante and 20 At The Kings - are understood to be bricked up but many more are thought to exist.

If you know of a tunnel let the newsdesk know by calling 01793 528144 or emailing