MORE than 120 people are waiting for allotments in south Swindon, figures show.

The waiting list for the 14 allotment sites managed by South Swindon Parish Council stands at 126, according to reports shared with councillors.

The parish council has more than 580 allotment plots, with 34 vacancies and 110 new tenants taking up allotment sites since October 2017.

Last year, higher fees for allotment holders who live outside the parish proved controversial. However, in a report prepared for the annual allotment holders’ meeting by leisure committee chairman Neil Hopkins, the parish shifted the blame on to the borough.

He said: “The situation that we find ourselves in, where some allotment holders are not parishioners is one that was imposed by Swindon Borough Council when setting up the parishes.

“A number of parish councils do not allow non-parishioners to have plots, but South Swindon Parish Council did not want to do that. Non-parishioners do not pay any council tax to the parish and that is the reason they are not receiving a discount.”

Non-parishioners have seen a more modest increase in their annual plot rent, he said. From October 1, they will have to pay £70 for a full plot or £35 for a half plot, an increase of £9 and £4.50 respectively.

To enquire about an allotment, call the parish council on 01793 317747.