A COUNCIL probe will aim to establish who dumped almost a dozen bags of clinical waste in Old Town.

Eight yellow hazardous waste sacks were discovered by parish councillor Toby Robson dumped on Prospect Place on Saturday.

The bags, left beside McColl's on the junction of Prospect Place and Victoria Road, contained intravenous drips and other medical waste. Blood had pooled at the bottom of at least one of the bags.

A ninth clinical waste sack was left in the same spot at around midday Sunday.

Swindon Borough Council is now investigating who was responsible for the flytipped waste.

A spokesman said: “We received a call about this waste at around 4.40pm on Saturday and our Highways team were on site within minutes to clear it away. We would like to thank Mr Robson for reporting it to us.

"The waste has been taken to our depot while we investigate who left it there.”