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We don’t want Charles

King Charles III? It has been reported recently that the Queen could abdicate next year, or in the meantime choose to make Charles the Prince Regent.

It was his 70th birthday this week and already the buttering up has started re a new biography and a TV programme dedicated to him. The softening up of the public has begun.

The biography quotes of being assisted by “impeccable sources” close to Charles (favourable to him-naturally) - without actually naming them! The author listened carefully to the saintly Charles about his ex wife, Diana, who was apparently ‘a difficult woman’. The dead can’t speak, can they?

In Britain we have unjustifiable, rotten and corrupt hereditary institutions which most of the rest of the civilised world had the good sense to get rid of donkey’s years ago. Why haven’t we?

Parliament needs to begin a crucial discussion about our future head of state and the possible democratic alternatives to the monarchy. If we don’t get this discussion soon, we’ll get a nasty surprise when Charles’ 70-year-old posterior deposits itself on the throne.

Polls reveal Charles is not the people’s choice. He poses the greatest risk to the future of the monarchy - that’s why the transition is being so carefully managed. The royals are trying to pull the wool over our eyes and denying us to have the opportunity to have a say.

Apparently he believes he can make Britain a better country.

He can. Just emigrate.

Jeff Adams, Bloomsbury, Swindon

No more Power

I’m a season ticket holder at Swindon Town and I despair when I look at the current plight of our football club. The chairman and sole director Lee Power said, when he took the club over, “Judge me in five years’ time”. Well I have and he’s failed miserably.

This great club is at its lowest equal point in history. In 1983/84 we finished 17th which is our current league position.

Our decline since the play off final defeat to Preston North End, three years ago, is alarming. Lee Power’s transfer strategy, leaving everything to the last minute, means we’ve signed players that no one else wants, which has hindered every manager he’s employed. Consequently, the team on the pitch isn’t good enough, hence the reason why we are languishing in the bottom division.

I want Lee Power to communicate with the fans, but nothing is forthcoming except continued silence. I want him to seek additional investment into the club. But it’s evident he doesn’t want to, which means he has total control and therefore no one to answer to.

It’ll soon be Christmas and the best present I and other Town fans could have is for Lee Power to get out of Swindon Town before he makes unwanted history.

I hate to say it, but relegation to non league football is a possibility if he stays. God forbid the day league football is lost to the the town of Swindon.

Alan Wilson, Shapwick Close, Nythe, Swindon

No great boast

The only surprise about a broadband mast being erected in Redhouse is that it is one of 20 to 25 according to a SBC spokesman (SA 8 Nov). As we fast approach the eighth anniversary of the farcical Digital UK initiative in which Swindon councillors ‘invested’ and lost over £400k we should take time to reflect on where we are in regard to the 8 October 2012 claim made by leading councillors that Digital City’s successor had implemented a 4G high speed superfast broadband facility covering 67,000 households and 2,600 local businesses.

Of course the claim was poppycock.

However, it is worth mentioning the quite laughable claim made by SBC’s latest spokesman who claims “The success of the project has seen over a thousand people now subscribing to the broadband service”. If that is a measure of success then I would like to understand what the council would consider a failure. Having spent the best part of £3million pounds, the best that the council can claim, is that after eight years over one thousand people are using the service. Given that thirteen of the twenty masts were erected over 5 years ago I would suggest the take up is pathetically low and nothing to shout about.

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive, Swindon

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