A DEALER found with thousands of pounds of drugs hidden in his pants is off to Wales for a holiday this Christmas after a judge lifted his curfew for the festive season.

And Daniel Brown, who has 94 criminal convictions on his record, was told he would not have to finish his 200 hours of unpaid work because he fell out of a window in the summer and shattered his leg in 21 places.

Swindon Crown Court heard he had done less than a third of the order imposed in November last year as part of a two-year suspended sentence.

Brown, of Botley Copse, was spared jail after he was found with the drugs stuffed down his pants as officers raided a house where he was staying.

Police were looking for another man when they went to the address on Tudor Walk in September two years ago.

The house was a multi occupancy premises with five rooms and in one they found Brown and another man.

In the room with them were weighing scales and syringes.

The defendant was reluctant to be searched by the officers. But when he eventually removed his trousers and underwear two packages were discovered.

In one was a 21.6g lump of crack cocaine worth up to £2,160 and the other contained 114 street deals of heroin which could fetch £1,140.

When he was questioned he claimed he was holding on to the drugs for the other man and - as an addict - may have used or sold them if the other man had been arrested.

The court heard he had 94 previous convictions. Most were for minor thefts and the only drugs of offence was simple possession of cannabis in 2012.

Matthew Scott, for the probation service, told the hearing that Brown had been put on a two year jail term suspended for 18 months.

He said after it was imposed the defendant was not in good health.

But in July, having done just over 56 hours, he broke his leg when he fell from the window.

As a result he said he would not be able to do the work, even though the cast had been removed.

The curfew intended to keep him indoors at home every night, was imposed as a replacement.

But the matter was brought back before the court because Brown said he was going away on Christmas Eve and returning on New Years Day.

Judge Robert Pawson said he would lift the thee month 10pm to 7am curfew for that period allowing him to go away on his holiday.

Brown, who was representing himself in the dock, told the court he had kept himself out of trouble for two years and was now clean of drugs.