A HIGHWORTH High Street building could be turned into a museum, shop and visitor's centre.

The Highworth Community Partnership Group will discuss the idea at a meeting in the town council's community room tomorrow night from 7.30pm.

The ground floor of the building that used to house Lloyds Bank would be transformed into a space that promotes the town and offers helpful tips to tourists and other visitors.

Keith Smith, chairman of the HCPG, said: "I think it's a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself.

"One of the projects put forward years ago was to improve visitors' experience of Highworth and this was then incorporated into the Neighbourhood Plan.

"To fund this project we are planning on setting up a community benefit society.

"We will then sell shares to the residents, who will become members of the co-operative.

"The group is being supported in the project by the Plunkett Foundation.

"We want as many members of the community to turn up to this meeting and give us their views and ideas about the project."