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It’s a ‘flat Brexit’

So now we know that the Prime Minister never ever meant that ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’ and neither was she being honest when she said “We are leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union”. The only question we should be asking is this “Is anyone at all surprised?” I fear the answer is an stultifying boring “NO we are not.”

Sadly the result of two years and more of negotiation is a cup half full of an indifferent, milk white beverage which could well be described as a ‘flat Brexit’.

I can imagine the Irish Premier dancing a jig in his office with his Republican friends as he contemplates the influence Dublin can now expect to exert over its neighbour Ulster, and envisages the distinct possibility of a united Ireland.

Any threat by the UK to withdraw subsidies will be met with an offer from the EU to cover any amount of loss, plus an amount to make separation more palatable.

Whether or not Mrs May’s proposal will be accepted by Parliament is yet to be seen. Doubtless the Remainers will still be unhappy, as will the Leavers.

For my part, I just wonder if it really was necessary to have spent £39 billion (and I don’t believe that will be the end figure) on a deal which frankly is such a ‘compromise’ as not to be worth paying anything.

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive, Swindon

Not what Swindon electorate said

By demonstrating their loyalty to the Prime Minister, Swindon’s two MPs Justine Thomlinson and Robert Buckland are demonstrating their disloyalty to the democratic decision taken by the electorate.

The Swindon electorate voted, with a majority of 54.7 per cent, to leave the EU.

Theresa May supported the Remain side during the referendum campaign and I believe her allegiance is unchanged.

After the referendum the triggering of Article 50 was delayed due to “lack of preparation”. Once triggered there was supposed to be an implementation period of two years before the UK left the EU.

We are now told that after our “exit date” March 29 2019 certain aspects of the customs union will remain in place and we will be bound by customs union regulations.

Northern Ireland gets an even worse deal than the rest of the UK and will be expected to abide by all customs union regulations. This is not what we voted for.

We will be bound by EU regulations without having a say.

This deal would undoubtedly turn the UK into a vassal state. This pathetic charade and Chequers deal is an affront to the UK’s democracy.

Swindon’s two MPs would be wise to reconsider their support for the Prime Minister. If a proper Brexit isn’t delivered I believe they will pay the price at the next general election ballot box.

K Kane, Wharf Road, Wroughton

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