Swindon music promoter, Kieran Moore, from Sheer Music, has created an original poster to promote his latest band, a spin off from Hundred Reasons, called Undead Raisins.

He used the art work from the famous rock band's debut album, Ideas Above Our Station, replacing the central column with an image of Swindon’s David Murray John Tower.

Kieran said: “I stepped out of Level 111 and saw the tower looming overhead and it just went - Ping! I was re-imagining their iconic album art.’’

The Undead Raisins is the brainchild of Colin Doran, former lead singer of Hundred Reasons.

Colin was amused by the idea of the poster. He said the whole idea of Undead Raisins was simply to play for fun, and the poster made it more.

"We will have a ball in Swindon. It is a low pressure gig, no airs and graces. We are not a tribute, when all five of us from Hundred Reasons were in the room there was a great vibe but we are not recreating past glories.

"We are playing songs that have a special place in my heart, a good old fashioned sing-a-long,’’ he said.

The band's name came from the secret squirrel alias of Hundred Reasons.

“If we had to play a secret show that’s what we would call ourselves, the Undead Raisins.

"Andy Gilmour on bass and I go out and play the Hundred Reasons’ songs we love to play. It is an acoustic rock show, and includes our good friend Tom Stevens on guitar,’’ said Colin.

When Hundred Reasons were riding high in the charts with hits such as If I Could, Silver, Falter, Kill Your Own and their number one hit in the rock charts, What You Get, Colin Doran, the singer was told to shut up.

Colin had developed vocal nodes, a condition dreaded by many vocalists, and for some meaning surgery. Lionel Ritchie suffered from it.

“Fortunately we caught it early and I was told to shut up and rest for two months, not to talk or sing. We did have to cancel the tour and I found that frustrating because we honour our commitments. If people pay to see you I believe in giving them a good show,’’ said Colin.

The singer fortunately made a complete recovery and today is bringing an acoustic version of the alt rock band, entitled Undead Raisins, to Swindon.

Hundred Reasons had six top 40 singles, sold in excess of 400,000 albums, singles and downloads, won Kerrang awards for Best New Band, Best Album and Best Unsigned Act. They toured Europe and Japan, recorded two albums in America and played on Top of the Pops, where they were one of few bands who insisted they would not mime.

“Back then playing on Top of the Pops was a landmark thing,’’ said Colin. “It was a bit of whirlwind time doing promo stuff, but we got to hang out with bands like Papa Roach.’’As for the awards its recognition by the industry of the music you made.’’

The singer also runs the Nottinghill Music Academy taking courses and passing on the musical baton to the next generation of musicians.

Alongside Undead Raisins he has a new rock band that he is currently writing new songs for, called They Fell From The Sky. He says the project is under wraps until next year,

Undead Raisins are heading for Swindon on Wednesday December 12 at 7.30pm at Level 111, Commercial Road, Swindon. on Wednesday, December 12 There are some tickets still available, via WeGotTickets http://www.wegottickets.com/event/445600 - Flicky Harrison