The man who was running a restaurant in Swindon when it had its alcohol licence removed has applied to have it restored.

Mohammad Hanifi has applied to Swindon Borough Council for a licence to serve alcohol at Jack Spice, an Indian restaurant in Fleet Street.

He has asked to be able to sell liquor at the restaurant every day between 6pm and 11pm, and also to play recorded music. He has also requested an extension for both to midnight on Friday and Saturdays.

Previously the restaurant held such a licence, with the licence holders being Mohammed Jakariya and Rukon Ahmed. The licence was revoked by the council's licensing panel in 2017.

The report to the licensing panel which will consider the new application says: "Members will not that Mr Mohammad Hanifi is the son of the previous licence holder and also he confirmed at the review hearing he was the manager of the premises at the time."

The restaurant's licence was revoked because four men who did not have the right to live or work in the UK were found to be working in the kitchens, and an asylum seeker not allowed to work here was employed as a waiter.

The report at the time said: "The panel heard evidence from the licence holder that he admitted that illegal workers were working at the premises but that they had been referred through an employment agency who he believed had carried out check that they had the right to work in the United Kingdom."

The new application says the restaurant will have: "robust management controls in place to ensure that all staff are trained in accordance with the licence"- that will include no selling of alcohol to children and no drunk, disorderly, violent or anti-social behaviour would be tolerated on the premises.

The licensing panel meets on December 19.