ENVIRONMENTAL campaigners called on Swindonians to act now to avert global climate catastrophe.

The Swindon chapter of Extinction Rebellion was in the town centre on Saturday morning. Nationally, the Extinction movement has backed acts of civil disobedience like blocking roads in a bid to raise awareness of climate change.

Andy Bentley, of the Swindon group, said: “We are trying to draw more attention to the coming climate catastrophe that awaits us unless we decide to immediately take action.”

As the Swindon campaigners met on Canal Walk, with one member of the group dressed as a polar bear, Extinction Rebellion activists staged a mass “die-in” to block Cabot Circus shopping centre in Bristol.

Mr Bentley defended the more radical tactics: “I have been on all the marches. We’ve written letters to our MPs and councillors, signed online petitions. But the politicians don’t pay attention.

“Politicians are still failing to take take action. We need them to aim to make the country carbon neutral by 2025.

“The scientists say climate change is the most important issue of our lifetime. Brexit is small change by comparison.”

He called on Swindon Borough Council to invest more in public transport and reduce carbon emissions, adding that people could take smaller steps to avert climate disaster: “They could use public transport more or change their diet to reduce the amount of meat they eat.”

  • UN climate change talks finished with a fudge on Saturday night. Countries agreed to implement the 2015 Paris climate change agreement, but put off tricky issues around how to scale emission-cutting measures were put off for future talks.