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Breaking the law

Re “And here are the facts” (Molly Scott Cato, Adver 15/12/18).

Molly Scot Cato states: “We currently have a great deal of control over who comes into our country.”

This statement is a little green, to say the least (pun intended).

Not a day goes by when yet again another lorryload of ILLEGAL immigrants is discovered way inland.

So what “control” is Molly referring to?

All these illegal immigrant numbers add up - unlike her statement.

Unlike legal immigrants, they have sneaked into the UK and violated its law the moment they stepped onto this fast diminishing green and pleasant land.

Thus their very first act is to break the law of the land.

Can she supply us with figures of how many illegals have sneaked into the UK, been caught and then deported? After all, she talks of ‘control.’

It should make for interesting reading because the current Government seems to have lost the political will to even lightly enforce the law of the land regarding the subject.

What a message to future illegals: come on over, don’t worry about Brexit. The immigration authorities will play hide and seek with you, but won’t look too hard!

It appears that Mr Spenser’s statement (Adver, Good golly, Miss Molly) that “any Tom, Dick or Harry is indeed able to enter this country with no prospects of a job, no health insurance” etc is not far off the mark, Ms Scott.

Jeff Adams, Bloomsbury, Swindon

They deserve medals

I have a few comments to make on my recent stay as an inpatient at the Great Western Hospital.

Firstly, a lot of things have been said, good and bad, about people’s experiences of the GWH.

I was on Kingfisher Ward, then moved to Woodpecker Ward.

I wasn’t “ill” as such. I had skin problems so I wasn’t confined to bed whilst being treated.

On both wards the level of care I received was nothing short of brilliant. We are all aware that there aren’t enough staff but everyone was friendly and helpful and nothing was too much trouble.

I know people’s ideas of meals differ greatly. I have a good appetite and I was fed really well and enjoyed everything that was on offer and there was quite a lot of choice on the menu. Maybe a lot of people would disagree but everyone is different.

There are a lot of things that have been said about the hospital, but I feel I wanted to express my opinions.

A very big thanks to the staff involved in my care. A very merry Christmas and happy New Year to them all. They deserve medals, all of them.

Mrs Mary Cremin, Whitehead Street, Swindon

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