A SWINDON charity is celebrating a record year of finding dogs new homes after managing to give 125 of them a new family.

Neglected, abused and rescued canines from Swindon and further afield have all been helped by Pinehurst-based SNDogs and its team of 30 volunteers.

It has spent nearly £50,000 this year on medical treatment and care to get them ready for rehoming.

Founder Jessie Bascombe, who started it seven years ago told the Advertiser: “It has been an incredible year that has had its difficulties at times with the hot weather this summer, but we overcame that and most importantly got our dogs the right home that they deserved.”

She is always out at weekend meets with her charges, determined to give them the opportunity to interact with people as much as possible. She sets up a stand outside places like supermarkets, Coate Water, Lydiard Park, schools and in the town centre.

She said: “All of the cold mornings showing potential adopters our beautiful natured dogs who just need some love has paid off. I need to do this to get them a better way of life.

“I’m on the frontline for the charity and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I see the canines at their most vulnerable when we first get them, it would break your heart to see the state some of them come in.”

She deals with animals who have been starved and neglected, animals who have been physically abused and animals who have been abandoned. One of her canine clients was abandoned in an empty home after the bailiffs had gone in to evict someone.

The charity takes in dogs from all over the world as long as they are friendly with other hounds. It has imported them over from Spain, Turkey, Cyprus and Romania.

Hayley Baker adopted six-year-old Tilda who was brought over from Spain. She said: “My parents have always adopted their dogs and I believe that you should always give a dog a second chance and that’s what Tilda needed.

“It’s the best decision we have made, she is loved, she is cared for and very spoilt. SNDogs look after their dogs very well and make sure the pets go to the best suited forever homes.

All the hard work that Jessie and her team do has been recognised by the leading pet microchip registration database, Petlog, which has nominated her its charity of the year.

And the work of preparing more pets for new homes is already under way. They are already beginning the new year by booking in two of pugs to have surgery done on their airwaves to allow them to breathe more easily. One of them, Molly, will also have a damaged eye removed.

Jessie added: “It never feels like you are doing enough to help them. The more the word spreads the better chance at life they have.”