WILTSHIRE Police made a bust within only half hour of starting their shift this evening.

Officers found a bag full of 12 miniature pouches of cannabis, along with a glass breaking device and a knife in the Tree Courts, Pinehurst.

Inspector Dave Hobman said: “Officers from the Community Tasking Team have had a great start to their shift this evening and they are happy to discuss with anyone who is wishing to make a claim to these items.

“Pop in to the station.”

In the past three months officers have seized weapons such as pistols, a rifle, a machete and other bladed objects in the area.

They have also taken thousands of pounds worth of cannabis.

Insp Hobman added: Insp Dave Hobman said: “We would urge the public to be vigilant about drug dealing in their community and report concerns about weapons and drugs to police.”

Call police on 101.