The lack of parking for cars for a new housing scheme to be built in Old Town on the site of the Advertiser's old reel store did not, finally, stop councillors from giving it the go ahead.

Although the lack of cycle parking caused at least one councillor to oppose the plan.

Developer Blewberry Court Ltd had been told to think again about the provision of cycle parking for its plans to build 14 homes, three terraced houses and 11 one and two-bedroom flats, on the corner of Albert Street and Union Row.

But it was the lack of parking for cars which caused members of the borough council's planning committee most concern.

Not only is there nor dedicated parking, people who buy or rent the homes will not be eligible for residents' parking badges.

Coun Fionuala Foley said: "People are used to being able to park if they buy or rent somewhere. As a councillor for many years I'm used to people ringing me because they've bought somewhere or signed a lease for six months and then find there's no parking. They are often desperate calls.

"I think there should be a condition that people are told they won't be able to park."

Coun Malcolm Davies said: I like this proposal, it's contemporrary and in synmpathy with the area, and better than what's there now, a derelict industrial building" to which Coun Foley added: As long as what's delivered looks like the designs."

But Coun Jane Milner-Barry was still against it. It was her concerns over cycle parking which saw the plan delayed initially and she wasn't impresses: "They're saying that people should park cycles under the stairs. That's totally impractical.

"How will things like a sofa or washing machine be delivered? Will they have to be brought in from the nearest car park? I don't think this is adequate.

The plan was approved by seven votes to two against and one abstention.