BECKY Cox has made it her goal to become plastic free and she's spent the past few months changing the way she lives to make it happen.

The 30-year-old was inspired by Swindon Climate Action Network’s campaign Plastic Free July and since joining in the environmentally-friendly cause she and her husband Rich and their dog Daisy have not looked back.

Some of the changes she has made include switching to bar soap and shampoo, using non-plastic razors instead of disposables and swapping disposable sanitary protection for a menstrual cup.

Becky said: “I have always thought of myself as pretty environmentally-conscious. I try to cycle and walk everywhere and I’ve always recycled and composted where possible.

“It wasn’t until I saw Plastic Free July that I really started reading up on the issue of plastics."

Becky told the Adver her decision was also influenced by the fact that only nine per cent of the plastic sent to be recycled actually gets processed, and rather than being recycled, it is converted into something like garden furniture, which in turn cannot be recycled again.

She also realised every bit of plastic she uses daily was likely to outlive her.

Becky added: “I was astonished to find out that I might only use a plastic fork for a few minutes at most but that it is going to still be floating around somewhere long after I’m gone.”

Other steps that have been taken include getting a weekly fruit and vegetable box delivery, to minimise packaging.

Very early on in the challenge the transport planner realised that shopping at big supermarkets was not going to work in her quest to be plastic free, because they did not offer any alternatives to plastic packaging for some products like dairy.

She found a solution in her local independent shops, many of which she had never used before.

Becky discovered that local businesses were much more open to helping her. Some were even happy to accommodate by selling cheese to her in the container she took along with her when she went shopping.

A wholefoods store in the town centre, offered loose herbs and spices, along with items such as porridge oats, rice and grains to buy in bulk with re-use packaging bags.

Her local Polish delicatessen made available fresh yeast which solved her issue of plastic-wrapped pizzas and loaves of bread because she could bake her own.

Even the material Daisy the dog’s food was packaged in was substituted for a bag made of corn starch, which is also biodegradable.

Becky added: “It’s not about going teetotal on plastics straight from the off. You need to slowly change habits.

“Actively thinking about alternatives will become second nature.

“Since July we have changed so many of our habits and I’m discovering the joys of cooking and crafting. Due to buying in bulk and making from scratch, I rarely need to go food shopping either!

“By making these small changes it will be better for your health and wealth.”

The next SCAN plastic free campaign will take place in February.

There are also continuing talks about setting up a zero waste shop in the town and organisers behind the idea are currently looking for a venue.

Anyone who would like to get involved can get in contact via the Facebook page Swindon Zero Waste Initiative.