A RACIST was pulled off the plane by police as he prepared to jet off to the Cape Verde for his holidays.

Simon Mountford, who pleaded guilty to assault and racially abusing a Chinese man on a train, claimed his Africa holiday plans had been okayed by police in Devon and he had agreed to report to a Bristol police station on his return.

But he was arrested at Gatwick Airport as he prepared to board his flight to Cape Verde, finding himself stood in the Swindon Magistrates’ Court dock rather than the white sands of the African island paradise.

Swindon magistrates heard Mountford, 56, of no fixed address, had been a passenger on a Bath-bound train on September 1 when he approached a Chinese man sat three rows in front of him.

“The man was initially concerned he had been drinking or had other issues,” said Michelle Hewitt, prosecuting. Mountford blocked the man in his seat and said: “Get out the country. Go back to China.”As he was marched from the train at Warminster railway station, Mountford was said to have swung an arm at the train guard.

Defending, Ben Worthington said his client felt other train passengers had turned their noses up at him as he boarded the train.

He criticised the train guard, who he claimed had pinned Mountford between two seats and left his client with a significant head injury that required hospital treatment.

Mountford pleaded guilty to assault and using racially agravated language intended to cause harassment or alarm and was fined £360. He must pay £150 compensation and costs of £20. As he left the dock, Mountford asked magistrates what could be done about his missed Cape Verde flight.

Sarah Neish, chairman of the bench, said: “There’s nothing we can do. I believe there are police complaint procedures.”