An empty shop formerly used by a Chinese restaurant in the town centre could be replaced by a peri peri chicken shop.

Planning permission has been granted for a new shopfront and signage for 37 Regent Circus.

At the moment the unit is shut after the company went into administration in late 2017.

The new approved frontage is bright red and carries the name Pepe's with a picture of a cartoon rooster - next to the legend "The home of fresh flame-grilled chicken."

The company appears to be based in Birmingham where it has 11 stores and it also has branches in Oxford, Cheltenham and Gloucester.

The company which ran Hotchas went into administration after a reported investigation into a £35m suspected money-laundering fraud.

Houses and businesses premises in Swindon Bristol, Berkshire, Bournemouth, Yate, Exeter, Stroud, had also been subject to swoops by more than 80 customs officers from HMRC.