MEMBERS of the Swindon People’s Assembly travelled to London to protest against austerity.

They marched alongside several thousand people from other activist groups filling the street between Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square.

The left wing Yellow Vest protest is believed to be largely about demanding a general election and an end to austerity - French Yellow Vest “gilet jaunes” movement members joined the Britain is Broken march.

Gavin Perry, an activist from the Swindon branch, said: “We achieved what we set out to do and it was a great idea to wear yellow vests to represent the working class. This also was a show of solidarity with the ‘gilets jaunes’ who also seek a change of government for a range of reasons.

“The majority of workers have not had a pay rise for 10 years yet the cost of living has gone through the roof.”

Gavin added: “As key financial agencies agree, austerity is a political choice and not a financial necessity. It was not the nurses and teachers or the building site labourers or artists who crashed the global economy, it was the bankers and their greedy acolytes.”

Whilst marching protesters chanted calling for a general election, as well as ‘refugees welcome here’.

Rival pro-Brexit groups also turned out and there were brief clashes between the two sides.

This comes ahead of a crucial parliament vote today on Theresa May’s Brexit deal.