A MUM-OF-EIGHT has been ordered to get her sons’ antisocial behaviour under control.

Her Pinehurst council house was raided by police last November and detectives uncovered an arsenal of weapons along with stolen motorbikes, £10,000 cash and £3,000 of cannabis.

Now, Joanne King has been handed an interim injunction by the courts. The order, brought by Swindon Borough Council, bans her or others in the Beech Avenue house from behaviour likely to annoy her neighbours, keeping weapons or storing motorcycles and quad bikes that she cannot prove belong to her or other family members.

King agreed to knock down a complex of sheds put up at the property without the council’s permission and to tidy up her garden, which had become a muddy quagmire when police raided on November 28.

And she cannot allow grown-up sons, 25-year-old Grant Tafari and Jahred Tafari, 19, to live at the house.

Jahred has already moved out, while Grant has until March 10 to leave home.

District Judge Sara Whiteley said the injunction would last 12 months.

She wanted King to understand that the sort of behaviour that gave rise to the police raid in the first place - causing a nuisance and annoyance to her neighbours - was likely to breach the injunction.

“She is to control her behaviour and that of everyone in the house, including her sons,” instructed the judge.

Papers presented by the borough council chronicled a terrifying list of weapons found by police during the raid on November 28.

Among them was a revolver, CS pepper spray, Airsoft rifle, BB guns and several knives, including one machete that had been hidden in a sock.

Body armour was also recovered from the home, along with drugs, cash, motorcycles, bicycles, quad bikes and vehicle keys.

Two of King's four sons Ryan and Isiah, who were arrested by police following the raid, remain under investigation.

Comments from neighbours posted on social media in the wake of the raid and presented to the district judge, accused those in the Beech Avenue home of being a nuisance to fellow residents for a long time.

Francis Maples, for the council, said housing officers were looking for alternative accommodation for King and four of her children who are under-18.

King is due back before Swindon County Court on February 11. The council plans to tack back possession of the house.

  • An earlier version of this story named Grant and Jared Tafari as the two men who had been arrested by police following a drugs raid on the home on Beech Avenue.

This was incorrect and the Advertiser would like to apologise for this error. The two men are not under investigation in connection with the drugs, weapons, cash and vehicles seized by officers.

The two men arrested by police were Ryan and Isiah Tafari.