AN INJUNCTION should relieve the misery meted on Pinehurst residents by one house that has proved a magnet for anti-social behaviour, police said.

District Judge Sara Whitehead approved an interim injunction banning the tenant at a Beech Avenue home from behaviour likely to annoy her neighbours.

Reacting to the case, Sgt Caroline Burt said: “This address has been the focal point for local youths for some time now and has attracted a number of complaints regarding anti-social behaviour and associated criminal activity from members of the community as a result.

“During the warrant in November, a number of items of interest were seized including drugs, weapons and stolen motorcycles.

“We have been working in conjunction with Swindon Borough Council to reach today’s civil injunction granted in court.

"I am hopeful that this will improve the neighbourhood for local residents whose lives have been impacted by unacceptable behaviour at the address.”