LABOUR could be punished at the ballot box across the south west if it helps Brexit happen, according to a new poll.

The political party will lose significant support across the region, which will amount to more than 2,500 voters. Currently the poll shows 47 per cent of voters intend to support the Conservatives at the next election, while Labour remains around 29 per cent. The Liberal Democrats are on 14 per cent, with 9 per cent of voters intending to support other parties.

But it has found that if Brexit happens with the support of Labour MPs, then the party would slip to just 20 per cent at the next General Election.

Identical twins Sam and Adam Hollings, both members of Swindon for Europe, share that view. Originally they were divided on the referendum but they have since become remain campaigners.

They said they would both look elsewhere if their party helps to get Brexit over the line

Kate Linnegar, Labour’s prospective candidate for north Swindon, said: “Labour respects the result of the referendum but we have to look at why people voted to leave in the first place. Any deal struck will support workers rights, the environment, and consumers. We would lose a lot more voters if we didn’t respect the referendum.”

Peter Kellner, a past president of YouGov and one of Britain’s leading pollsters, said: “If Labour is seen to facilitate Brexit in any form, YouGov’s results indicate that the party would be deserted by millions of Remain voters without gaining any extra support from Leave voters. Thus, Labour risks losing Remain seats where the party did well in 2017 – most famously Kensington and Canterbury, but also a host of other constituencies in and around London, and others with a large student population – while failing to recoup any of the ground it lost in the party’s traditional heartlands in the North and Midlands.”