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Not leading by example

As World War Two drew to its close I asked my mother what would be on the BBC News once the endless reports of battles lost and won, who was bombed the previous night and how many enemy bombers were destroyed ceased. I recall that her answer was rather vague and mainly about entertainment and sport. How wrong she was; for wars and the associated basic cause, ie politics, never went away!

Currently the news appears to be 99% Brexit, featuring experts who cannot agree and politicians who cannot agree, with the two main leading roles being held by Her Majesty’s Prime Minister, mouthing the same platitudinous lines she has used since 2016 and Her Majesty’s Leader of The Opposition who reads from a crib sheet in case he forgets why he is there. Well certainly many of we over 80s can associate with the latter, since we take a similar sheet to the supermarket and the doctor’s but is it a good image for a potential PM?

So taking account all of the above we, the most vulnerable, are even more anxious than most, about what might happen next. A General Election maybe? But what are the issues we need to decide upon, given the abject surrender and confusion of our younger generation and their betters? One needs only to look at France and the USA to see the still developing outcome of voting for the presumed lesser of two evils.

Moreover how are we, the elderly, to get our information? Currently, the UK has around three million people aged over 80 and this is projected to almost double by 2030. Sadly unlike 1945/46 some people may not, in future, be able to get their information via up to date technical media operated by an independent organisation. Why? Because the free TV licence for over 75s which was introduced by and paid for by the Government, may be no more, following transfer of its full costs to the BBC itself and, wait for it... “The BBC is preparing to scrap or restrict free television licences for people aged above 75 after publishing a study showing that pensioners are becoming richer and it is expected to propose introducing a new system by 2020.” Ref The Times newspaper October 2018.

How many elderly voters knew about that? So there is a clear issue on which we oldies can vote when this shambles of a Government and its stumbling Opposition falls, as they undoubtedly soon will.

Terry Flinders , Upper Stratton, Swindon

Extremist views

Can we thank Mr Adams for his letter of 12th Jan “Wishful thinking”? True to form we knew Jeff would reply. You never let us down Jeff, hence the reason we never mentioned you. Your letter “Wishful thinking” tells us all about your attitude to Muslims, likewise your far right wing letter in 2015 re HMS Bulwark, which myself (Mark) took you to task over.

You say £2,000 is not a lot of money considering the size of the local Muslim community. May we suggest you tell the staff of the special care baby unit that?

Your letter of 12th January is full of extreme right wing Christian bigotry. On the subject of religion, a poll just before Christmas said 54% of the UK population has no religion; is it any wonder when people like Jeff preaches the Bible on these very pages and then shows hatred to people who are different to him and have views who oppose his.

Yes Jeff, we have clashed many times on these pages over your extreme right wing letters not just on Muslims but other issues too; No one is born gay Feb 22, 2013, Census tells all Jan 2013 among many letters. As far as we are concerned Mr Adams you insult the church and religion of Christianity with your far right bile. You have on these very pages bragged about socialism and a need for it now in the UK. Are you trying to fool people you’re a socialist Jeff Adams? Wishful thinking on your behalf ,isn’t it? Your views are extreme right wing bigotry and not socialist values. Don’t insult true, honest socialists.

Mark and Martin Webb, Old Town, Swindon

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