A CHARITY auction with a top prize raised hundreds of pounds for the British Heart Foundation.

The Manor pub in Cheney Manor offered an assortment of enticing lots for punters to bid on, including a Manchester United pennant which had been signed by several of the football teams’ players.

Martyn Coles of Coles Scaffolding placed the winning £100 bid for the pennant and generously decided to give it to one of his employees, Todd Scanlon.

The auction raised £540 for the BHF altogether. Alastair Hedge organised it. He said: "It was brilliant to raise so much money and really great to see everyone get involved.

"I held an auction for the same charity last year, it was very off-the-cuff and we raised more than £160, and after the success of this year's, I'm hoping to do it again next year for a local charity."