It’s full steam ahead for a Swindon sculpture trail.

And trains, or at least engines, seems to be leading the pack as to what the sculptures should be.

Councillors voted unanimously to approve a motion at the borough council’s full meeting asking for a report on how such a sculpture trail might be put together.

It was put by Labour councillor Jim Robbins and Conservative Claire Ellis.

Coun Robbins said: “I’m very glad to be introducing this cross-party motion. It means I might finally get to win one.

“Since we floated this idea on Facebook, and there was an article in the Adver, the response has been amazing. Many many people are right behind this idea.

“The ideas-gathering part is still not over. We want to get as many ideas from as many people as possible – what the sculptures should be, who the artists should be.”

He added that art and community groups had been in touch and were all keen on being involved and concluded: “It was Claire’s brilliant idea in the first place.”

Coun Ellis said she had tried to get something off the ground five or six years ago and failed and returned the compliment to Coun Robbins: “We had a coffee to disagree over politics and got on to Brighter Futures, and it was Coun Robbins’ great idea to tie this to fundraising for that.

“I thought we could have a steam engine at the front and car at the back, our history and present.

“But I don’t really care as long as it’s something that represents Swindon, and brings people together over this.”

Coun Bob Wright suggested a new idea. He said: “I thought of having the characters from the programme the Magic Roundabout on our Magic Roundabout.”

He asked council leader Coun David Renard how, if he were to bring a report to cabinet, members could put forward their ideas and suggestions.

Coun Renard said: “We do want to allow members to have their ideas heard, and I’ll be glad to work with Couns Robbins and Ellis on this.”

Coun Robbins summed up, and quoted a poll on the Advertiser’s website showing 59 per cent of respondents wanted a locomotive as the iconic symbol of Swindon.

Coun Renard will now report back to the Conservative cabinet on how best to make the trail happen.