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Let’s try and stay positive on Brexit

So John Stooke is back singing praises if the EU. Pity he couldn’t take the time to answer my questions about the shape of the future EU, the EU he thinks we should sell our souls to.

There is a lot of rubbish talked about a second referendum now that we know the facts. Do we? Just for a start, what type of EU are we staying in?

We have to know membership annual fees, being forced into the Euro, handing over control of our Armed Forces, laws still being made in Strasbourg, the million migrants looking for a free home. The EU will walk all over the UK if we don’t take this last chance to leave.

The loss of jobs at Philips Glensford has happened while we are still IN the EU, and look like being stuck IN the way the Parliamentary fifth columnists are acting.

Job losses such as this happens all the time with business, if they see a better market elsewhere they up and go without a second thought about the staff. The EU has never saved the UK from the effects of massive job losses. James Dyson has been slagged off recently for moving his HQ to Singapore. I don’t blame him, the Brexit, he and most of us dearly wanted, is being so watered down we leave in name only, if we ever do!

The EU might not prevent us exporting, but it does prevent us from making independent global trade deals, so don’t try pulling that one.

Once we leave the EU there will be a bit of a shock, but with a positive attitude, our businesses will soon pick up worldwide. Look at New Zealand and Australia now, after the UK ditched THEM for the ECC back in 1973.

Alan Spencer, Swindon

The solution is string!

With all the pollution and environmental problems caused by plastic bags, I have a simple solution. String bags. Every one had them when I was a kid and they were brilliant.

Strong and light, they fold up to tiny proportions and don’t rip like plastic or paper. You can buy organic cotton ones for less than £2 online and they last forever. If the supermarkets offered them at a reasonable price and had a similar scheme as the Bag For Life they already have in place I can see them becoming more and more popular once again.

Roger Lack, North Swindon

Brexit’s a mistake

Brexit is the biggest mistake made by any government in the western world.

We are being held to ransom by a bunch of eurosceptics who are determined to bring all fair-minded people down to their level.

The present situation of chaos and division was brought about by David Cameron who in his infinite wisdom decided to hold a referendum to keep the euro sceptics in the Tory party happy but it backfired and he lost.

Britain was the Poor Man of Europe before we joined the EU and has done well financially right up to the present day. We will get a much worse deal than the one we have enjoyed all these years.

People were promised Pie in the Sky by the leave politicians and lied to.

The truth is whatever deal we get we will all be worse off except for the politicians.

Patrick O’Shea, Address supplied

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