OFFICERS from Swindon Borough Council found themselves having to capture and then rehome a horse last year.

The incident features in a report due to be put before the authority's scrutiny committee on Monday by cabinet member for housing and public safety Cathy Martyn.

“In addition to dogs, we have increased powers available to deal with fly grazing of horses, which we used in the last year to seize a horse, she says in the document.

“The good relationships we have with Blue Cross rescue enabled

that horse to be rehomed quickly.”

Stray dogs are also being rehomed more quickly than before and the council was awarded a Gold standard by the RSPCA and a Silver Animal Activity Licensing Footprint. “There has been a 44 per cent increase in the number of stray dogs reported over the last two years, but despite that, we have managed to reduce the number of dogs that were not claimed, taking those requiring a rescue space down from 20 per cent to 13 per cent. Very rarely in the last year has a dog that we have taken to the pound stayed longer than 7 days - a statutory timeframe which enables the council to rehome.

“As a result, no healthy dogs have had to be destroyed in this financial year."