Simon Weston

An inspiring story of survival and a fight back from the brink unfolds as the tale of Simon Weston, the soldier who was trapped on the burning RFA Sir Galahad after it was bombed during the Falklands War, is told in Swindon.

On Sunday, February 10 Simon makes a welcome return to the town for a show where he is in conversation with his old friend, David FitzGerald from the BBC.

“I would join the army again in a heartbeat,” said Simon, without a moment's hesitation.’’

He enlisted at just 16 and then four years later, and six days before Argentina’s surrender in 1982, his troop ship was bombed by two Argentine planes, claiming the lives of 48 people including 38 of his colleagues in the Welsh Guards regiment.

He survived miraculously, despite suffering horrific burns to 46 per cent of his body. During the years that followed he endured 70 skin grafts and re-constructive surgery but he never allowed himself to be cowed by that brief moment in time.

“You have to go on with your life. I’m not concerned with what’s gone but what is,” he said.

Since the end of Falklands War, he has devoted himself to championing the cause of those grappling with disability, fighting to batter down social barriers, among many other campaigns and he has become a national treasure.

He was awarded an OBE and voted nation's most heroic figure. He is also a dad and a grandad.

The show of Simon’s tale of survival is backed by original footage of the Falklands War. He reflects on the experiences from people he has met, which includes members of The Royal Family and Harry Patch the last survivor of the First World War. He has also met and forgiven Carlos Cachon, the Argentine pilot who launched fire on the Sir Galahad.

Join Simon for the highs and lows, the laughter and the memories at the Swindon Arts Centre, Devizes Road, Old Town on Sunday February 10 from 7.30pm. Tickets are £20.50 01793 524 481