Lucy Porter's latest one woman show, Pass It On, was inspired by the sad experience of sorting through her parents' belongs, after they died.

Although harrowing when she and her sister were looking through their legacy, like many comedians Lucy tries to see the comedy or the light that can come from tragedy.

"I started thinking about my parents' legacy and what people think of your life once you are gone. So my show sprang from the concept of what you leave behind and pass on to future generations, whether like mine it is glass clowns or something more esoteric,'' said Lucy. "That was the starting point of the show.

"I was worried it might only be understood by middle-aged people, but the youngsters relate to the legacy people leave online,'' she said.

Lucy was right, fans of all ages got the idea and Pass It On went down a storm at last year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The comedian is a big fan of the Fringe as she says it gives her the chance to hone her show, rewrite bits of it and get loads of ideas before heading out on tour.

This summer the comedian will not only be taking a new one-woman show, but a new straight play to the Fringe.

"But I will not be acting in it,'' said Lucy, very definitely. "Straight acting is not for me.''

Her one foray into acting was with Christian Slater in the stage version of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, at The Fringe.

"That was amazing,'' she said: "I had never acted in a play before, but it was a cast of comedians with Christian Slater and Lizzie Roper in the leading roles. We recently had a reunion with the cast for Lizzie's birthday, and it was lovely to see Christian again, he is still a lot of fun.''

The idea for her debut straight drama in 2014 came about when Lucy read a piece about a secret society in Scotland in the 18th century. She became fascinated, and investigated further until eventually she turned the story into a play called The Fair Intellectual. The drama was picked up and broadcast as a series on BBC Radio 4.

The series was recorded in John Knox's house, reputed to have been owned and lived in by Protestant reformer John Knox during the 16th century, in the Royal Mile, Edinburgh."Outside it was all misty mornings and atmospheric, perfect for secret societies,'' Lucy said.

She admits that at school she was part of a secret society that turned into a band called The Woebegone Spangles.

"We recorded on a cassette recorder, sadly lost in the mists of time, unless some friend of that time finds them in the attic, or when they are cleaning out their parents effects. I would love to have them back,'' she said.

Lucy is married to actor Justin Edwards who is currently starring as a murder in a serious play on Broadway.

"It's a little worrying that I may have driven him to murder,'' says Lucy. The couple have two children, which Lucy says are looking very likely to follow in their parents footsteps. "We have Emily, eight, and John, seven, and they are always showing off. It's hilarious all the time. We have an odd patchwork of childcare when I am writing or Justin has a theatre job. Like most couples we juggle.''

The comedian is no stranger to TV having appeared three times on BBC's Celebrity Pointless but has yet to win! She has pitted her wits in ITV's The Chase and pipped fellow comedian, Mark Watson, to the winning post in the big black chair of Mastermind. Her specialist subject was the comedy actor Steve Martin.

"It gave me the excuse to say to my husband that I needed to lay around the house all day watching Steve Martin films,'' said Lucy. "Quizzing is my latest big thing, my new hobby.''

She says that QI is her favourite quiz show, but Tipping Point is on her 'to do' list and she wants to get a team together to tackle Eggheads.

"I am currently filming in a new quiz show called Impossible,'' she said.

Lucy has appeared on Room 101, Mock the Week, Live At the Apollo and Room 101.

She will be bringing Pass It On, and her glass clowns, to Swindon's Arts Centre, Devizes Road, Old Town on tomorrow, Saturday February 9 at 8pm. Tickets are £17.50 from 01793 524481 or visit - Flicky Harrison