WITLSHIRE Council is expecting a 'significant impact' on NHS services when the families of military personnel are repatriated from Germany next year.

A report discussed at the council's health and wellbeing board explained that it expects around 3,500 civilians to move to Wiltshire in 2019 from bases in Germany and other bases in the UK.

The increase is part of the Army Basing programme to create six regional hubs and close down bases abroad, bringing around 20,000 serving personnel back home.

The 2019 figures include 454 more stationed at MOD Lyneham and 442 and in Tidworth. The bulk, of 1867, will be stationed at the Royal Artillery Barracks in Larkhill.

A new GP practice, funded by the MOD and NHS England is currently being built near Larkhill to meet the increase in demand for NHS services.

However with troops due to arrive before it is finished temporary buildings are being provided by the developer.