A PUBLIC consultation has been launched to help redraw the political map in Wiltshire.

The Local Government Boundary Commission has given its draft proposal which recommends keep the 98 Wiltshire councillors in the future, despite increases in population across the county over the last five years.

Yesterday it launched a 10-week public consultation on the recommendation, which will end on April 15, to allow the public their say.

Richard Clewer, the chairman of Wiltshire Council’s Electoral Review Committee, said: “ I’d encourage people to get involved in this consultation, as the final outcome will have an impact on communities up and down the county.

“Things will not stay the same as they are, so I hope people take a look and see how it could affect their local area.”

The final recommendation will be published in July, which if backed by the public, the 98 political divisions will remain the same for the 2021 May elections.

The full recommendations and detailed interactive maps are available on the commission’s website at consultation.lgbce.org.uk and www.lgbce.org.uk.