DUMPED drug users' needles have sparked fears for children in Old Walcot.

It comes after one youngster was spiked by a needle in Queen's Park.

Drug paraphernalia has been collected regularly according to borough council litter pickers, with recent discoveries in Upham Road and Falmouth Grove.

Sheena Dickens was walking in Queen’s Park when her grandaughter fell on a used needle.

“She fell in the hedge at Queen’s Park and was stabbed by one pushed in the hedge,” she said on Facebook.

“It was a nightmare time waiting for blood results but all clear.”

Abdul Amin, who represents Walcot and Park North on Swindon Borough Council, said: “We are aware of some drug dealing issues in Old Walcot.

" In fact drug dealing is an issue across the borough.

“We have identified some of the hot spots within our ward particularly the areas with alleyways and are working with the police to tackle these issues.

"There’s also a council employee who is on regular litter picking on the area. We understand the concerns of the residents and I would like to assure them that we will continue to work with the police and council departments to tackle any anti-social behaviour and drug-related issues.”

South Swindon parish councillor Trish Philpot said: “It's very dangerous for children as they don’t know what they are picking up and there’s a real danger for them to stab themselves with one of the needles.”

“Parish council do have rangers, but they won’t go out as you need a special equipment to pick up used needles.”

She believes more PCSOs would help tackle the issue and provide support to the community.

“Having PCSOs would give the community someone to talk to.

"They can also pass useful information to the police. People who use illegal drugs need to be supported to get out of their old habits.”