In the quickly-revolving door of the restaurant trade where venues chop and change hands it can be difficult to make a mark.

Yet the family-run Cricklade Club, in only 18 months, has shot on to the culinary map.

Saved from developers in February 2017, it was re-opened six months later by husband and wife Simon and Talia Maddison, and won Start-Up of the Year for the whole of the South West last month.

The couple, owners of a successful events company and a catering company, bought the building when its long-time owner was given notice to quit after running a pub there for almost 20 years.

By day the venue, couched in the heart of the town’s High Street, doubles as a cafe and brunch spot which at night turns into a casual and contemporary craft kitchen.

The open-plan layout, with a small bar and visibly bustling kitchen, together with 1950’s style school-chairs, creates a relaxed feel as you walk in.

The room is neatly delineated into zones, in the corner there’s leather sofas for those wanting to sink into a deep conversation mid-morning, and then there’s larger round tables perfect for groups by the windows.

You have to admire its attempt to be everything all at once, practically suiting most occasions. It doesn’t feel jumbled at all, it just all melts into one multi-functional and inviting space.

The kitchen, run by the owner’s daughter Eva Maddison and niece Sophie Southerden, sources many ingredients from local suppliers.

Some travel a short distance from the family’s farm in Purton, while the freshly baked sourdough comes from a baker in Lechlade, and meat from the local Cricklade butcher.

The menu has specials from noon and a supper menu which changes daily, allowing you that small sense of serendipity when you phone up to book.

Alongside the usual brunch items the club has a simple menu, perfect for Mexican and Spanish food-lovers, offering quesadillas (£10), nachos (£8 small for £15 for large), burgers (£12.95) and tacos (£4.95 each or three for £10).

The specials included flank steak with asparagus and roasted tomatoes (£13.95), a charcuterie board (£12.95 for one and £23 for two), pad Thai, which either came with king prawns (£13.95 or £11.95 for tofu) and a roast chicken Caesar salad (£12.95).

The challenge, after ordering two Mojito mocktails (£3.00), for me my partner was aiming to try as much as we could on both quite different menus while staying within the boundaries of what was socially acceptable.

After much discussion I ordered two tacos which came served on golden corn tortillas, piled high with a mound toppings.

The prawns, buried amongst fleshy chunks of avocado and crunchy lettuce, had a hint of charcoal and disappeared in minutes.

The charcuterie board was full of soft ribbons of Parma ham and spicy salami which both had a high-quality, and not overly salty, pinkness.

Top of the supper specials, the flank steak, not straying a million miles from the Mexican-inspired main menu, is, I later learn, common in Columbia and Brazil where it is known as Sobrebarriga, meaning “over the belly”.

Thick rectangles of stringy but robust beef arrived with a welcome drizzle of salsa verde over the top.

The side salad of rocket came doused in a punchy mustard dressing, three spears of asparagus – which was fresh and al dente - were wrapped in Parma ham and balanced over sweet cherry tomatoes, no doubt grown locally, but somewhat a third wheel.

After managing to disappear the last morsels from our generous plates more groups began to arrive for the evening.

We gazed back at the specials board looking at the Bailey’s chocolate mouse, sticky toffee pudding, and chocolate brownie (all £6.50) but decided it wise not to push out luck.

Before leaving we couldn’t help exploring the ambient function room set back from the restaurant and admiring the attractive side view through patio doors which can open out fully into the heart of Cricklade.

The 200-person capacity function room is also available to hire for private events, but you would be missing out on the rest of the club’s main room, especially during the summer.

The Cricklade Club is on 38 High Street, Cricklade, SN6 6AY.

For more information about the venue and what’s on go to where you can find out about events and music.