A GENEROUS seven-year-old decided to get her haircut for charity- then persuaded her cousin to join in.

Erin Sidell from raised more than £800 in just a few days after promising to have her hair cut and donated to make wigs for children with cancer.

Her long locks were lopped off by the talented team at Jessica’s Hair and Beauty to be donated to the Little Princess Trust.

Erin convinced her eight-year-old cousin Jessica to do the same in their own specially-assigned hair salon studio as proud parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles looked on.

Erin said: “The people in my class have short hair and I wanted to have my hair cut short but also donate to a charity.”

Her mum Belinda said: “Erin watched videos of children receiving their wigs from the charity and liked seeing how happy it made them.

“She was really excited. Jessica has said for years that she’ll have her hair cut but always gets too nervous - Erin inspired her to finally have it done.

“Everyone’s so proud of her, this was all her idea, and we can’t believe that so much has been raised so quickly.

“Erin and Jessica were both very pleased with their new looks, they don’t regret it, they’ve done really well, they like having short hair and I think they’d happily do this again.

“It was a good experience, the hairdressers were lovely, it was nice to have their own room because the girls felt really special. We’re quite a close family so we try to do most things together and it was great to be there to share this moment with them - though it was a bit cramped!

“Now, they’re lookng forward to going to the post office and sending the hair off to the charity because they know all about the good it will do.

This isn’t the first fundraiser little Erin has held. She regularly does cake sales to raise money for good causes.

The cakes are baked by Belinda, who makes cakes professionally as manager of Belles and whipped up a couple to sell during the haircut. Erin helps with the baking and decorating.

Now she’s hoping to raise £1,000 for the Little Princess Trust after smashing her original £500 target.

Belinda added: “She loves baking - hopefully she’ll follow in my footsteps.

“I’m really happy that she’s thought of doing something so selfless and generous and thinking of others at such a young age.”

The Little Princess Trust makes wigs for children with alopecia and children undergoing cancer treatments. To donate, visit facebook.com/donate/303752160332699/