A DRIVER had a surprise when she saw a wallaby hopping across the road - for the second time in the same place.

Danielle Mewis was heading to work just before 8am when the Australian native popped out from the side of the road.

She captured the sighing on camera, at Brinkworth, near Wootton Bassett, close to where she saw one of the marsupials last summer.

Wallabies have been spotted in the area before. Two Brinkworth joggers stumbled across a wallaby in the wood one morning in 2017. And Chantelle Thomas and her boyfriend Rob Pridham had gone out for an early run and were amazed when the wandering wallaby appeared on the track in front of them. One of the earliest Wiltshire wallaby sightings was in 2000. In 2014 one roamed for a month after escaping from her Mildenhall home.