TRIPLE Two Coffee will give away 222 free doughnuts to celebrate its third birthday tomorrow.

The coffee shop chain has spread across the country ever since it set up its first branch on Havelock Street.

This is where it will treat customers who buy a coffee, a snack or a pastry to a free doughnut today.

Triple Two's co-founder Sezan Walker said: “We’re really excited about returning to our first branch in Swindon to celebrate our birthday.

"We look forward to meeting some of our customers, new and old, as we feel privileged to be part of this diverse and historic town.”

The coffee shop first branched out with a second shop in The Crossing at the Brunel Shopping Centre, has rapidly expanded since then and plans to have 200 branches opening all over the UK in the next five years, which makes it one of the fastest-growing food and drink brands in the country.

The local chain is also committed to a nationwide waste-reduction campaign.

Everyone who brings a reusable cup to a Triple Two branch will receive a 25p discount on their purchase and will get a free coffee when they buy a Triple Two KeepCup.

Co-founder and director David Hodgetts said: “We are committed to constantly looking at ways to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste from our stores and kiosks.

"Triple Two prides itself on the outstanding quality of its coffee as well as its extremely varied range of fresh food which includes pastries, cakes, and an amazing lunch range, including 21 vegetarian and vegan options made to our exclusive recipes.